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Ellen Standish, Certified Interior Decor

 I founded New Beginnings Interiors LLC (NBI) in 2013 on the premise that great design can be attained, even with a moderate budget.

When the house my husband and I were building cost more than we had anticipated, we found that we had to cut back in other areas.  However, with a bit of knowing where to cut back, looking for affordable, but good quality goods, and using my design sense, I was able to create the home of our dreams.

After having success with my own home, I was inspired to help other people create homes they love.  I pursued getting my Interior Decorator certificate, and New Beginnings Interiors LLC was born.

We help clients refresh their homes in North Routt, Steamboat Springs, Stagecoach, Milner and Hayden.

New Beginnings Interiors LLC specializes in design on many scales. We provide highly effective and creative solutions that answer each client’s unique needs. Please get in touch for further information or to discuss a collaboration.

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